IDOGO® in daily routine

IDOGO® is a completely new training system designed to improve performance with movement exercises of all kinds. In contrast to customary fitness training, higher efficiency is not achieved by setting higher achievement boundaries, but by economies of movement and respiration which allow you to absorb higher strain levels with ease. The centre of the new IDOGO® training system is a special exercise pole which primarily optimises respiration. The main advantage and the absolute novelty about IDOGO® is that the trainees themselves feel their own stamina increase within a short period of time. 

The principle of the IDOGO®-system is energy release by optimizing respiration. This is achieved by a relaxed and self supported posture and ease of movement.

The IDOGO®-system has positive influence on performance due to movement coordination of chest and shoulder which optimises the respiratory musculature.
Coordinated arm motion improves vascular capacity and increases oxygen supply to the muscles. The trainee does not tire so quickly and can exercise with concentration and more effectively.