IDOGO® second base exercise in Therapy

Informations for Therapists:
The following list of exercises with indications was compiled by therapists working with IDOGO® and is by no means a complete list. It serves as an orientation on how the exercises can be used in prevention or therapy. Only indications in which IDOGO® achieved above average results in comparison to conventional physiotherapy were include.

1. On Tiptoes Open the Arms in Three Directions and Stimulate Respiration
• WS syndrome
• Equilibrium training is more strongly promoted (tiptoeing)
• Improved breathing
• Straightening

2. The Undecided General
• Shoulder arm syndrome
• HWS and BWS syndrome
• False posture and Scoliosis
• Pectoral stretch

3. The Elephant Throws Sand on its Back:
• Scoliosis
• BWS syndrome (Kyphosis)
• Lordosis of the HWS
• WS syndrome
• All respiratory disorders e.g. asthma, bronchitis, lung diseases specific to rehabilitation

4. The Cormorant dries its wings
• Equilibrium problems
• Respiratory disorders with thorax constriction
• Stimulate Respiration

5. The Ostrich Puts its Head into the Sand
• Lumbago
• Back pain caused by strong tension and immobility due to lack of exercise

6. Lead the Chi to the Body
• Stimulate respiration in case of nervousness, internal unrest
• Psychosomatic symptoms e.g. with fear
• Adjustment of hypertension (but not to be used with long term hypertension patients)