IDOGO® Learning through experiencing

The name IDOGO® is both programme and philosophy. The IDOGO® pole and the IDOGO® training system were developed by Ping Liong Tjoa who manages several Tai Chi training centres in southern Germany. The research objective of this development was to make it easier to realize the positive influence of traditional Tai Chi Chuan on body and psyche. The primary goal was to shorten the lengthy learning process required to master these Asian techniques, and to quickly take advantage of the positive impact on health and well being. Using the IDOGO® pole almost automatically leads to using internal Chi Kung exercise principles, especially in head and chest areas. The person exercising can easily recognise how correct movements must feel.

IDOGO® is, however, not a miracle appliance that automatically leads to perfect Chi Kung; It does facilitate faster progress with Chi Kung, because it forces the trainee to abide by correct movements Actual learning, attentiveness and sensibility cannot taught by IDOGO®.

Trained and offical Teachers in Germany:
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