IDOGO® first base exercise in daily Routine

These exercises can effectively and quickly loosen muscular tension and spasms. The advantage of the exercises is that they can be performed anywhere, in a short time and without extensive preparation.

1. Open Arms in three Directions
• Activation of breathing Organs
• Lossen Shoulder and Arm Muscles

2. Open thorax and rise thoracic spine
• Loosen Shoulder and Neck
• removes Headaches from tensed up Neckmuscles
• removes backache from a hunchback

3. Loosen the Shoulder girdle and rotate arms to the left and right
• Lossens the whole Shoulder girdle

4. Sprawl the spine and rise the torso
• Helps straighten up the whole Body and spine

5. Die Halsmuskulatur lockern, den Kopf nach links und rechts drehen
• Loosen the Neck Muscles
• removes Headaches from tensed up Neckmuscles

6. Bend your Body forward und upward to keep it smooth
• Loosen and stretch your Back muscles