IDOGO® second base exercise in daily Routine

They support and improving posture and thereby optimising respiration. At the same time these exercises can effectively and quickly loosen muscular tension and spasms.

1. Stand on your toes and open your arms in 3 directions
• Activation of breathing organs and loosen shoulder and arm muscles

2. The undecided General
• Loosen neck and shoulder
• removes Headaches from tensed up Neckmuscles
• opens the chest and removes backache from a hunchback

3. The elephant trows sand on his back
• Rise of the torso and mobilising of the shoulder joint

4. The cormorant drying his Wings
• opens the horizontal part of the chest

5. The ostrich sticks his head in the Sand
• Mobilization of the whole spine to keep it smooth

6. Return chi to the Body
• Opens centered muscles