IDOGO® Effect in Daily Routine

In this computer age the number of hours spent at a desk in front of a monitor grows daily. Lack of motion and postural problems often lead to typical desk worker's problems. Shortening of the shoulder muscles lead to shoulder pains and headaches, stiff neck and back pains. Reduced work efficiency is the result of this uneconomical posture.

The exercises with the IDOGO®pole originate from Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chuan and are already recognized practice in physiotherapy. Regular exercises of up to 10 minutes a day improve your general posture and relieve you of acute aches and pains. The extremely high efficiency during the exercises allows fast regeneration. Neck and shoulder problems disappear within minutes or even seconds.

With only a few minutes of exercise a day you will effectively improve your physical and mental well being. After a short period of time you will noticeably increase performance, resilience and stamina.

IDOGO® optimises posture and coordinates gentle and effective movements, loosens muscular tension and makes the movements soft and supple. Respiratory volume and intensity are noticeably increased.
The positive effects on body and psyche are caused by a relaxed and self supported posture and ease of movement. This economical principle provides the organism with more energy enables highest intakes of oxygen and gently regulates metabolism. 

More Effects
• Naturally balances posture and motor activity
• Corrects strain on the musculoskeletal system
• Loosens muscular tension and cramps
• Improves coordination
• Intensifies specific muscle training
• Promotes litheness and elasticity
• Tightens connective tissue and musculature
• Relaxes body and psyche
• Calms the mind 
• Promotes general well-being
• Health prophylaxis
• Activates self healing forces
• Removes meridian blockades
• Adjusts the Qi flow
• Optimises respiratory volume and breath perseverance
• Raises strain capacity and perseverance 
• Increases psychic and physical efficiency
• Improves concentration
• Supports and shortens the healing process with orthopedic and surgical patients
• Reduces the effort required by therapists for massages
• Promotes measures of preventive remedial gymnastics and rehabilitation
• Protects against over stretching
• Stabilizes balance
• Relieves spasms
• Relieves attacks of asthma and reduces their frequency
• Adjusts blood pressure variations and calms the pulse
• Removes blockades in the lymphatic glands