IDOGO® first base exercise in Therapy

Informations for Therapists:
The following list of exercises with indications was compiled by therapists working with IDOGO® and is by no means a complete list. It serves as an orientation on how the exercises can be used in prevention or therapy. Only indications in which IDOGO® achieved above average results in comparison to conventional physiotherapy were include.

1. Open the Arms in Three Directions:
• WS-Syndrom
• Equilibrium training
• Improved breathing
• Straightened posture

2. Open the Thorax and Chest and Straighten the Spinal Column
• Shoulder-arm syndrome
• Shoulder joint affection (e.g. after an accident)
• Movement restriction with HWS and BWS syndrome
• False posture with resulting muscle shortening
• Breathing disturbances due to false posture
• Functional heart disorders connected with constriction sensation and breathing disturbances
• Stretching the flank musculature
• Any form of posture weakness - work on straightening
• Scoliosis
• Stretching pectorals
• Note: Caution with hypertension. Repeatedly return the arms to the Tan Tien (a point three fingers beneath the navel), then begin again

3. Loosen the shoulder girdle by turning the arms to the left and to the right
• False posture
• HWS- and BWS syndrome, specific mobilisation of the BWS
• WS syndrome (with correct execution also LWS syndrome)

4. Stretch Body and Spinal Column
• Equilibrium problems
• Posture weakness (Scoliosis)
• Ventral muscle shortening and associated breathing complaints

5. Loosen the neck musculature, turn the head to the left
• HWS- und BWS-syndrome

6. Bend the body forward then stretch upwards to keep the back supple
• LWS syndrome
• Back pain caused by strong tension and immobility due to lack of exercise