IDOGO® Effect in Therapy

Used as a relaxing Method the practitioner can Hande Emotions better. Because of a correct posture the whole body lossens up, the breathing gets deeper and the balance is optimized. The difference between IDOGO® Qi.-Gong and casual Qi gong is the positive feedback which patients feel right away and therapists can see the effect. The execises are easy to learn and dont need much of space to practice. Eveny only holding the IDOGO® with your palms effects the body by loosen it up, optimizing the breath and most of all helps while ccordination movements.

Another great advantage is that the exercises or movements can be easily aplied in any course of motion. The main benefit for therapists is that IDOGO® eases the course of motion and reduces the use of force. For example massaging someone who is holding the IDOGO® is way easier because the Patient is mor loose. This Effect helps reducing the power which is needed to archive the same result while massaging the patient. The ususal pain in the wrist all Therapist know is reduced because they are not working against a stiff muscles on the Patient but rather on a relaxed body. Also the Exercises are a good way for Thearpists to loosen up their own body inbetween Therapy sessions to regenerate their own muscles.

IDOGO® can have a positive influence to the palmar Meriridans, so it is possible to help with deseases like MS, Helmiplegie or shoulder pains. The addoption of IDOGO® in prophylactic and therapeutic usage has a wide range of integration methods. It is a perfect mix of Western and Eastern theapie methods

More IDOGO®-Effects in Therapy:

• Naturally balances posture and motor activity
• Corrects strain on the musculoskeletal system
• Loosens muscular tension and cramps
• Improves coordination
• Intensifies specific muscle training
• Promotes litheness and elasticity
• Tightens connective tissue and musculature
• Relaxes body and psyche
• Calms the mind 
• Promotes general well-being
• Health prophylaxis
• Activates self healing forces
• Removes meridian blockades
• Adjusts the Qi flow
• Optimises respiratory volume and breath perseverance
• Raises strain capacity and perseverance 
• Increases psychic and physical efficiency
• Improves concentration
• Supports and shortens the healing process with orthopedic and surgical patients
• Reduces the effort required by therapists for massages
• Promotes measures of preventive remedial gymnastics and rehabilitation
• Protects against over stretching
• Stabilizes balance
• Relieves spasms
• Relieves attacks of asthma and reduces their frequency
• Adjusts blood pressure variations and calms the pulse
• Removes blockades in the lymphatic glands