IDOGO® Effects while Walking and Running

Improved leg / arm coordination
Holding IDOGO® when walking or jogging helps coordinate arm and leg movements. The hand movements follow the leg movements. If you run faster your hands will lift automatically. IDOGO® remains the close to the body. The distance should remain the same if IDOGO® lifts during jogging.

Corrects posture deficiencies
holding IDOGO® forces the body upright during walking and jogging.

Avoids backache
this upright posture unburdens the back and spine, which avoids backache.

Trains an upright posture
through consequent IDOGO® usage and constant training the body adopts an improved posture and movement style. This is also applied to everyday movements. Once the body has experienced this more sensible style of movement with IDOGO® it will adopt it into every day life.

Induces a natural gait
When the body is upright it is difficult, while running, to roll off the heels, but don’t let this bother you. Don’t try to roll, just let your feet move naturally. This will quickly develop to a natural gait, like indigenous people, who run barefoot.

Loosens the whole body
By holding the IDOGO® ( by the spheres, walking and jogging is more relaxed. This is due improved posture and energy circulation.

Burns calories
By regulating respiration the body is kept longer at an aerobic level and thereby burns more calories

Avoids side stitch
Using IDOGO® helps to avoid side stitch because of improved breathing.

Develops movement coordination and keeps muscles supple

When the body is relaxed it can move without restrictions. Movements are easy and supple.

Relaxes body and psyche

With a relaxed and centered body the psyche is automatically relaxed, as body and psyche are not separable.

Avoids shoulder shrugs
when holding IDOGO® mind that the spheres are not held too tightly. This will avoid moving the arms back and lifting the shoulders

Lowers pulse frequency
With free and easy breathing and a relaxed body, the heart supported and pulse frequency reduced.

Reduces joint injuries

The self supporting effect IDOGO® has on the body leads to less leg strain and the joints are prevented from damage

Enhances energy / Qi circulation

By holding IDOGO® a Qi (energy) circulation is created, like with Tai Chi or Qi Gong exercising. The difference is that it happens automatically, without having to know about Asian movement arts.